This comic was inspired by Amy Jane's random thoughts and creative imagination. The ideas for the comics have been begging to come out for a few years and here we are. Some characters have been inspired by Amy's daily life, and her book characters. Or the many RPG's she enjoys to play, when she should be writing. Others have come from Discussions With one or more of her dear friend's.. On the subjects of anime, manga, tv shows, and well, you will see.

This comic will be a monthly update of random comics with several different characters. Based on every day life, random thoughts, love, friendship, jealousy, kindness, morals, silliness, and imagination ..There is no direct plot line as of right now, just a bunch of randomness with little direction to start - based on cretin characters. However I have plans and places I want to take this... There is no direct plot line as of right now, just a bunch of random ones based on cretin characters. However there may be one that develops in time with help or on its own. As a Novelist it is easy to see sometimes you have one thing planed for a character, yet something seems to happen all on its own. Or is that just me?? Any ways Enjoy!


Amy Jane: is an aspiring novelist who is writing several books, and loves art. She has had many jobs such as: Child care, Adult care, security guard, hostess, Sunday school teacher.

Background:She has not had an easy life and strives to live it while loving others and doing her best. She has found a passion in writing and has mostly taught herself what she knows from reading and writing. However she has taken a few classes.

In 1998 she won Poet of the year for one of her poems and was published in several papers. She does not write poetry anymore though. She has writing a few articles for small local newsletter, and was awarded an honor from Pie theta kappa for her help in activities and events.

She longs to share her thoughts, her dreams, and her love though her books and now this comic too.

School: She has an AA in International Business Administration, 2 years of child development. Twelve years experience in Child care and 4 years Experience in as Elderly Care. .

She would like to go to Bible Collage one day and dreams of being a published author of books, comics, and owning her own business. But in the mean time she is a nanny.


ShyMagical: is the artist, she is a smart woman who loves to cook, and play with her niece. She has several child care certifies and works for the state at a day care for preschool first grade ages. She has considered being a chef but is not perusing that yet. She takes real the joy in inventing new dishes and all kinds of oriental foods.

School: She has her AA and a Graphic arts degree .

Background:She has a great imagination and likes to see people happy. She was a Pie theta kappa member and was a chair on many events and was acknowledge for her hard work and duties.

Anjiu and ShyMagical met Working at the collage Pie theta kappa lunch stand and have been friends many years since.

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