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A Novel Life

This comic will be a monthly update of random comics with several different characters. Based on every day life: Random thoughts on love, friendship, jealousy, kindness, morals, silliness, and imagination. There is no direct plot line as of right now, just a bunch of randomness with little direction to start - based on certain characters. However I have plans (and places) I want to take this... However there may be one that develops in time with help or on its own. As a novelist it is easy to see sometimes you have one thing planed for a character, yet something seems to happen all on its own. Or is that just me?? Anyway, enjoy! ******************* Spoiler Need To Know ********* There will be stalkers, a big breasted beauty, fan boys, some cursing, and I am not sure how far the Love will go. I don't plan on taking this past pg-13 stuff though... ****************************************************


I's Been almost a Year!

I can not believe it has been almost a year since we started this. I am sorry we have been soooooooooooo slow in posting things.. Life has been busy and my artist has been having a hard time with some things in the past few months... But I posted two pages in chapter one!! If you want to join me as an artist I would love to see a sample of your work, I am not picky, the more the merrier on the project!

I hope this coming year will be much better then last year, and that we can update more often with lots of good pages!

Thanks for your support!!

~Amy Jane

posted by AmyJane27 @ February 8th, 2011, 2:51 am  -  0 comments

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